Insurance Claims for Sewer Repairs

Many Home Insurers Cover Sewer Repairs

Yes! Insurance can cover your sewer drain and water line repair costs. About 30% of the time, our clients have our work covered by their insurance providers.

Insurance Coverage

Homeowners often don't realize they own the water lines and sewer drains from their dwelling to their property line, and any lines to a well, septic tank, hot tub, or outbuilding. This means they're responsible for repairing sewer and water lines on their property.

"A sewer backup and the resulting water damage is the number one insurance claim in Canada."

Given the rise in flood insurance claims, an insurance broker will usually quote a sewer backup package, but most companies still charge extra for it.

Drain or water line damage can be caused by man-made events such as misplaced excavations, or environmental factors like invading tree roots, corrosion, freezing and mineral buildup.

Canadian insurance companies offer coverage for the water and sewer lines connected to your home. This protection is available for both homeowners and people renting their dwellings.

If you have damage or collapse of your water or sewer line, you could have thousands of dollars in coverage for repair or replacement.

The package is often called “Enhanced Water Damage”. Contact your insurance broker to find out more.

Do You Need Coverage for Sewer Drain Backup?

What kind of damage will a backup cause you? Think about your basement. Is it finished?

Possibly you should consider an enhanced insurance policy, or you could talk to us about a sewer backup valve to prevent backflow from your sewer. We're always happy to help.

The Trenchless Solution

As always, we will lay out several options for repair or replacement of your sewer lines. Once we've diagnosed the issue, and agreed on an appropriate fix, we'll provide you with an accurate quote.

Call The Trenchless Guys for a full diagnostic, and then call your insurance provider to find out if the repairs are covered!

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