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Why tear up your lawn to fix a damaged pipe? With innovation in trenchless line repair technology, Trenchless Guys can diagnose and repair your pipes without ever putting a shovel in the ground. Since 2011, we've been the experts that our community can rely on for sewer repair in Red Deer.

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Why Trenchless Sewer Replacement?

Trenchless technology is a method of working underground to repair infrastructure without digging it up. This is good news for your lawn.

Standard excavation techniques can be a real pain. They add hours, days, or even weeks to a repair timeline and can be incredibly expensive. Once excavation is complete, what you're left with is a muddy, dirty, torn up property.

Trenchless technology gracefully solves those issues. In most instances, your property, driveway, garden, or shrubbery will not need to be ripped up to repair sewer lines or drains.

No dig! No problem!

Problems Solved by Trenchless Technology

  • breaks, misaligned pipe and other structural defects
  • corrosion from biological and chemical causes
  • infiltration of tree roots
  • low flow capacity
  • threat of damage to landscaping from escaping water

What Are the Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair?


Trenchless sewer replacement provides better quality piping materials. This helps prevent corrosion, rust, off-set pipes and tree root invasions. The end result can increase flow capacity, which helps prevent future clogs.


Better pipe materials reduce the need for future repairs for decades. Sewer lines will need to be cleaned out less often.


Trenchless sewer repair takes significantly less time than a conventional approach.


When excavating in and around a home's foundations and piping, accidents can happen. Pipes and utilities can be cut and building structures can be damaged. The less invasive nature of trenchless technology means there is very little risk of any collateral property damage.


How Does Trenchless Technology Work?


Video camera sewer inspections are an important first step before recommending a trenchless solution. With traditional techniques, excavation is required even to simply diagnose the issue. The trenchless approach is to perform a video camera inspection of your sewer to evaluate it and determine the best remedy.

To begin, a small video camera is sent through the pipe to look for any obstructions, damage, corrosion, or other abnormalities. This shows us what the problem is and precisely where it is, without any digging. This innovative technique takes the place of the old way of digging up a pipe to find out what's wrong with it.

The cameras we use are leading-edge technology and give us a crystal clear picture of what's going on down below. This helps us recommend the right solution and prepare highly accurate quotes.


Before we start repairs, we make sure the drain is cleared of any obstructions.


Depending on the severity of the problem, we'll recommend pipe coating, pipe relining with Cured-In-Place-Pipe, or pipe bursting.


Our final inspection involves running the sewer camera back through the pipe, ensuring all damage has been repaired.


Once we have ensured that all is well with your pipes, we return service to your home.

When we leave a job we make sure the site is clean, you are satisfied, and the job is done to perfection.

Trenchless is the Better Way

Trenchless sewer replacement or repair is an affordable, long-lasting, and fast procedure that allows you to get one with your life.

At Trenchless Guys, we take pride in our work. We use the latest in diagnostic and trenchless technology to ensure repairs or replacements are minimally invasive, cost effective, and long-lasting.

We provide exceptional trenchless pipe repair service in Red Deer and Central Alberta. Please give us a call. We'll be happy to answer questions and explain how trenchless technology can solve your water and sewer line headaches.

Call us any time to speak with a real person. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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