Sewer Line Inspections

Spot small problems…
before they become big ones

A damaged sewer main can become a big problem in a big hurry. That's why sewer line inspections are important preventative maintenance for your home.

Our Cameras Now Show Pipe Grade We can see if dips or low spots in the sewer lines can be repaired, and how far we would have to dig to repair it.

Inspection revealed a large root mass inside this sewer. No wonder it was draining slowly!
This sewer pipe is broken, with earth and roots intruding on the upper left.
Trees, shrubs and other plants love to invade the smallest crack in your sewer line. Our video cameras help you see exactly what's going on underground.

Video Camera Inspections take the guesswork out of sewer and water line repair.

Inspections help to:

  • detect and measure areas of corrosion
  • locate leaks
  • map features such as valves, elbows, and junctions
  • find the causes of unexplained flow restrictions

Our inspection equipment listens for leaks underground.

If you've got a leak, we can hear it, and we can find it!

Below, we could dig small pit to uncover the leak, instead of a digging a trench to locate it.

How are Sewer Lines Inspected?

Technology certainly has come a long way! Before the innovations in sewer line camera technology, it was very difficult to know the exact condition of a pipe, without excavating and visually inspecting it. With sewer inspections today, a highly specialized camera is pulled through the sewer, giving us a very clear indication of the condition of every single millimeter of its length.

Before we can recommend the most cost-efficient type of repair - whether repairing, coating, or replacing your existing pipe - camera sewer line inspections help us to understand the condition of the line.

Why are Sewer Line Inspections Necessary?

If your property or home has any indications of sewer backup or structural damage to drain systems, then a sewer line inspection will be a great asset.

The Trenchless Guys has both the equipment and experience to correctly inspect and diagnose whatever drainage issue you might be facing. We will suggest the best course of action for your situation.

Whatever your sewer line problems are, we have innovative solutions to solve them!

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How Often Do I Need a Sewer Line Inspection?

Sewer line issues, if left unchecked, can lead to costly repairs and renovations. That's why we recommend annual sewer line inspections. This allows us to spot and clear any debris from your lines. It also gives us an opportunity to spot any issues before grow into bigger problems.

Thankfully, our sewer line inspections are thorough, affordable, and convenient.

Inspect Before You Buy

A sewer line inspection is just as important as a professional home inspection in terms of gathering the necessary information required to make an informed decision.

Possible Issues a Sewer Camera Can Find

There are many ways a drain can be damaged or plugged. One of the most common causes of obstruction or damage is tree roots. Tree roots will grow both in, and around sewer lines and can break them and clog them over time.

Other possible issues that we may encounter are clogs from household items being repeatedly flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink. These can include sanitary items, or even hot grease being poured down the drain.

For older lines, corrosion and mineral buildup can reduce the ability of your sewer to carry away wastewater.

How We Repair Sewer Problems

If the pipe is simply corroded, but can be salvaged, we might recommend pipe coating. This is the process of coating the inside of a pipe with epoxy resin to extend its lifespan.

If there is some structural damage to the pipe or line, we might recommend pipe relining. This is the process of feeding a textile liner saturated with epoxy resin through the existing pipe. Once cured, the pipe liner effectively replaces the damaged pipe.

If the sewer drain needs to be replaced entirely, then pipe bursting might be the answer to the problem. Pipe bursting is a process where a burst head attached to a new pipe is pulled through the existing pipe (which bursts it). This is a trenchless total pipe replacement technique that will leave you with a like-new sewer lasting for decades.

Video Camera Inspection Experts

The Trenchless Guys has been inspecting sewer and water lines for more than 15 years. Whether you need an inspection because you're looking for answers to problems, doing preventive maintenance, or selling/buying a house, we can help you out.

Our technicians are fast, friendly and certified. Please give us a call for help with any sewer or water line problems.

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