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Pipe damage used to mean costly, lengthy, and disruptive repairs; or even full-blown pipe system replacement. Thanks to CIPP, (cured-in-place-pipe) technology, we can repair your pipes, drains, or sewer lines WITHOUT digging up your whole yard.

We offer fast and affordable pipe repair solutions that last. We're The Trenchless Guys, the premier sewer and water pipe relining experts in Red Deer.

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Quick Facts

  • We have a water line camera for inspections, for any water line 3/4 inch and up.
  • We have the technology to listen for water leaks underground.
  • We use an LMS robot with camera and cutter to detect adjoining pipes, cut holes, and restore flow.
  • Pipe relining only requires 1 hole: 4 inches up to 12 inches.

What's drainpipe relining?

CIPP, (not to be confused with pipe coating), is a pipe repair process that fixes structural integrity issues in drainpipes. If the pipe walls are too damaged to repair with simple pipe coating, then CIPP is an alternative.

Drainpipe lining is an innovative technique that runs a felt lining through the length of the existing pipe. As the lining passes through a specialized machine, it is saturated with epoxy resin.

We use only styrine free vinyl ester resins for pipe relining

While the felt lining is being run through the damaged pipe, it is still flexible. This allows the drainpipe lining to bend and turn with the course of the existing pipe, before coming to a rest and curing in place.

Once the flexible felt lining and epoxy combination have cured, you've essentially got a brand-new pipe. The drainpipe relining process is a long-lasting solution for a problem that used to require excavation, new piping, and a large budget. Now, thanks to innovation and technology, we can get the job done quickly and affordably.

What's the difference between drainpipe relining and drain pipe coating?

While drainpipe relining and coating have some similarities, there are distinct differences in their uses and applications.

With pipe coating, there is no lining that acts as a new structural component. That's because pipe coating is mainly used for minor repairs to a drain pipe but not necessarily to repair a structurally damaged pipe. Pipe coating effectively prevents internal pipe corrosion and the water supply from the contaminants released by corrosion.

CIPP, or cured-in-place-piping, is the process we use for pipe relining. CIPP uses a felt lining, is run through a specialized machine that saturates it with epoxy resin, then pushed through the existing pipe with air under high pressure. This lining allows CIPP to repair holes and wear in the line. Once the CIPP cures, it now acts as a new pipe, whereas pipe coating depends on the structure of the existing pipe to function correctly.

What are the benefits of Cured-In-Place Pipe?

Cured-in-place is an innovative solution for damaged pipes requiring little to no digging. It is a trenchless technology, so it's cost-effective, less disruptive, and much faster than the alternatives. Also, CIPP allows for a long-lasting pipe repair without the need to replace the entire system.

How is the CIPP Process Performed?

Before we begin any pipe repair process, we first have to do a full diagnostic inspection of the line. We insert a specialized camera called a sewer line camera into the pipe. This gives us a clear picture of the inside and tells us if CIPP is the best solution for the situation.

Once we've determined that CIPP pipe relining is indeed the right choice, we measure the length and cut a piece of flexible liner. We then run that liner through a highly specialized machine that saturates it with an epoxy resin as it is pushed through the line.

Once the lining has cured, it acts as a brand new pipe!

If there are any adjoining pipes, our LMS robot with camera and cutter moves through the relined pipe, detects the adjoining pipes, and cuts a hole to restore flow.

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