Pipe Bursting

Replace your old sewer or water line.

No trenches required!

Why Pipe Bursting?

Trenchless sewer main replacement can save you from costly, destructive excavations. If your sewer lines are damaged beyond repair, The Trenchless Guys are here to help!

Since we use environmentally-safe HDPE pipe, pipe bursting is considered to be a very sustainable sewer replacement method.

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Quick Facts

  • Using HDPE pipe we can pull a water line, piggy-backed on the side of a sewer line.
  • We can pull separate water lines up to 40 feet for 1 inch diameter, and up to 80 feet for 1 1/2 inch diameter and up.
  • Pipe bursting requires 2 holes: an entrance hole and an exit hole, 3/4 inch up to 20 inch.
  • We have installed over 20,000 feet of pipe using pipe bursting technology.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless solution for replacing damaged pipes, so it's much more affordable than most other alternatives and takes far less time to get the job done.

Essentially, pipe bursting involves dragging a new pipe through the centre of an old pipe. This creates a brand new pipe that will last for decades to come.

Upsizing to a 6 inch sewer for a commercial building using pipe-bursting

Pulling a replacement pipe through an existing pipe to a residence

Is Pipe Bursting a No-Dig Process?

Trenchless sewer replacement can often be done with minimal digging. If you don't have sewer access points or cleanouts two small access pits need to be dug. (Much better than digging up your whole sewer.)

What is the Pipe Bursting Process?


Before we begin the process of pipe bursting, we want to be sure we completely understand the issue. We use a video camera to show us a clear picture of any damage and this helps us recommend the best course of action. As with all of our services, pipe bursting is a no-dig trenchless option that is affordable, fast, and long-lasting.


If pipe bursting is determined to be the best course of action for your situation, we begin by clearing the access points or digging any required pits so we can access the ends of the pipe.

On one end of the old pipe, we attach a burst head to a length of new pipe.

On the other end, a cable pulling machine designed specifically for the pipe bursting process is located and a cable is attached to the burst head.


The burst head is slowly pulled through the existing pipe with the new pipe in tow. This bursts the old pipe and leaves the new one in its place.


Then we connect your new pipe to the drain or sewer system. This new pipe will last for decades.


Our goal as trenchless line replacement specialists in Red Deer is for our job sites to be spotless when we leave. This is much more appealing than leaving you with a torn up lawn.

The Benefits of Pipe Bursting


Conventional sewer replacement means heavy equipment digs up your property. The excavating can cause extensive and expensive damage. So your sewer project then might need to be followed up with a landscaping project to fix the mess. With trenchless pipe bursting, there's no mess to worry about.


Nearly any sewer material can be replaced by pipe bursting. We can even install a pipe with a larger diameter than the original.

Our certified technicians use the proper techniques for each pipe material and diameter, and the whole process takes a fraction of the time of traditional replacement methods.


Instead of a crew of people and heavy equipment tearing up your lawn, pipe bursting needs a 3 - 4 technicians and two small access pits. It doesn't mean you need to repair your driveway, landscaping or foundation. That creates significant savings.

The Trenchless Guys are Central Alberta's premier pipe bursting company. Have a chat with us today about your situation and how we can help.

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