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Non-destructive evacuation: a safer way to dig and move soil

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Most of our services involve trenchless, or no-dig methods. When excavation is required though, the non-destructive hydrovac is the best way to dig small, precise pits, or expose utilities for safer excavation. For hydrovac services in Red Deer, call Trenchless Guys!

What is Hydrovac?

Hydrovac is the process of removing dirt or other material without the use of traditional excavation. The excavation process is performed by a specialized Hydrovac truck that mixes the material with water and removes it entirely, instead of simply moving the material to another area. The truck itself has a container that carries the material away from the site.

This non-destructive technique is far safer and less invasive than traditional excavation.

Hydrovac has its roots in the cold north of Canada, in the oil and gas fields. As we all know, the ground is frozen solid for the better part of the winters. This makes traditional excavation practically impossible. Rather than shut down operations, the Hydrovac was developed as an ingenious solution to both thaw and excavate at the same time.

A hydrovac truck is essentially a precision high-pressure water cutter with a large vacuum that sucks up and stores the debris.

Residential Hydrovac

The Trenchless Guys hydrovac truck digging a slot trench to locate and expose utilities so an excavator can work safely, knowing where the utility lines are located

Industrial Hydrovac

A Laydown yard. Mud from hydrovacing is stored in tanks, then vacuumed into The Trenchless Guys trucks. Then it's transported to a disposal site.

What are the Benefits of Hydrovac?

For all types of applications, from residential to industrial, hydrovac carries several major benefits over its traditional counterpart.


Hydrovac is minimally disruptive to both the environment and your yard. Instead of a huge excavator digging into an area, then having a dump truck pull up and haul the fill away—a Hydrovac does both of those jobs, safely and efficiently.


Hydrovac can be completed in most weather conditions. In the winter, when the ground is hard as a rock, excavators are basically useless. They can grind away trying to get a bucketful of dirt, but they'll likely not succeed. With Hydrovac, specialized equipment is used to keep the debris warm enough so it doesn't freeze, while the high-pressure water allows the frozen material to thaw and be extracted.


Nearly 75% of interruptions or damage to utilities are caused by shovel strikes or bucket strikes.

When it comes to your utilities, the best thing you can do to ensure that you don't damage any underground cabling, wiring, or piping is to use hydrovac.


There are times when excavation can't be avoided. In those cases, we suggest hydrovac as a less invasive excavation method.

There are several applications for hydrovac trucks:


In digging posts as well as piling holes with differing diameters and depths Hydrovac trucks help. These holes are dug to install and support structural foundations for poles, signs, fences and signals. The precision of water pressure and vacuum technology allows operators to precisely break open the specified area.


In the trenchless line repair process, access pits are dug to gain access to the sewer or water lines so repairs can be performed. This is far better than tearing up someone's whole lawn.


In excavations of pits and trenches of various sizes and depths, Hydrovac trucks can aid to expose underlying equipment or install new services. Slot trenches are smaller trenches often excavated to examine the subterranean conditions of a specific area.

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